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The school machine has ignited. Now to apply the most important part: art. 

About Us

Who Is Pinwheel Art School?


Founded in 1996 by Victor & Pamela Kennedy, Pinwheel Art School started in the home school community. Victor and Pam home schooled their three kids while working also as an illustrator and graphic designer. Soon into raising a family, they started teaching art classes in their community with the same conviction they had with their own kid's education and the same principles as they used in their professional lives through their visual art freelancing business, Pinwheel Creative Studios. Bringing real-world creative applications into the classroom was their goal. Through teaching art and art processes through the eyes and experiences of two graphic artists, they have developed practical curriculum that guides students through not just creative enrichment classes but hard-core courses which are aligned with materials that meet GA and National Visual Arts Standards helping students be prepared for college or career in a number of disciplines. 

Our Courses/Our Mission


Pinwheel Art School runs on the desire to serve kids within a Judaeo-Christian World View.  Our young creative students are in a unique period of time and God has placed each of them here for a unique purpose.  Each generation we see how some groups of people want to remove God from the public square, the textbooks, Washington and even private business. There is surely a negative force constantly pulling at our children. The secular students have their share of challenges in every corner of their world. Christian families have their own challenges: persecution on one hand and on the other compromise.  Mainstream culture wants nothing to do with Christian values and it's as if it is chiseling away at the young Christians ability to recognize right from wrong until the Spirit of God has no voice in their thoughts. After Christ resurrected and before He Ascended, He told His disciples that He was leaving One Greater Than He. Some believe this is the third personality/character of God, God's Spirit. The Holy Spirit was a name given early on in Christendom. It is believed that this part of God is what enters us fully when we accept Christ and is a strength of power and is like a "guiding light" in a Christian's life.  As we grow in our Christian walk we notice that we have a spiritual sense in which God gives us discernment to recognize danger and on a smaller, every day scale, He, God, or the Holy Spirit, allows us to use our scruples if only we will.  The young people today more than ever, Christian and non-Believer, need scruples. This is accentuated in the art projects that Pinwheel Art School offers. 



What, Where, When.

Summer, Fall, Spring

Pinwheel Art School offers a variety of art classes for a variety of people: High-Schoolers  (9th through 12th) preparing for college or career,  as well as Elementary (1st through 5th), and Middle-Schoolers (6th through 8th).  We offer after-school hours classes for all these levels and we have a growing home school following of whom we owe our origin story to. 

Hobby Lobby has been an essential partner in supporting these great classes.  It is throughout Gwinnett and surrounding counties where we not only meet the needs of secondary education but we also offer classes to adults of any age.  Our courses are arranged in primarily two tiers of educational value: academic training and  enrichment classes. 

If you would like to to request a particular class or want more information on a particular class or campus, you may call or text Victor at 4049189198 or write him at pinwheelartschool@protonmail.com.

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If you have questions about the opportunities available to you in our programs, Or you are interested in teaching art with us, feel free to email us at pinwheelartschool@protonmail.com . We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Pinwheel Art School

P O Box 170 2100 Riverside Parkway Suite 128 Lawrenceville, GA 30043, USA

(404) 918-9198

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